Meet Amy

The painter, the poet, the lover, the runner.

I am and always have been a free spirit, looking for my place in the world. I love fitness and feeling good and feeling good about myself. I spent so much time trying to be like all those other people having self control and perfecting their lives. But then I realized that’s not for me! I need to laugh at myself – I have more bad days than good and that’s okay. I’m still out there and perfecting my life according to me.

I want to run distance, practice yoga, and make the best nutritional decisions, but I’m also a real person with a job, a dog, and a boyfriend. Sometimes I want to eat a hamburger, fries, and have a glass of wine. This blog is a space to laugh at my shortcomings and still improve myself.

I love running, animals, art, books, movies, and dinosaurs.