Focusing on Fit Forever




Focusing on fit forever

This past year has been the biggest transformation of myself in my life. I have experienced so much and then some. I always had stomach issues where I would get cramps everyday and other symptoms thrown in the mix but nothing ever consistent. I was diagnosed just generally with IBS, acid reflux. I tried everything I could find a Pinterest board or a blog post about. I tried gluten-free, dairy free, FODMAP diet, vegetarian, food journals, fasting, juicing, everything and anything. Nothing worked, nothing eased my daily pain – it kept me from going out with friends after work or on the weekend, going on trips, working out, I was addicted to Gas-X and mint and ginger tea.

When I moved to Hawaii, I found a doctor who really wanted to figure out what was causing my issues – finally someone believed me! It took a few months and a few specialists later, but as a last-ditch effort she ordered an abdominal ultrasound and the technician said ‘oh…’ that’s like the last thing you want to hear when someone is looking inside you. So naturally, I asked ‘what is it? Thinking it’s an alien of course – what else could it be? She told me she saw 2 large gallstones, but they shouldn’t be causing any issues (meaning attacks that people usually get when they get gallstones blocking their bile ducts), no, I had to be the exception to the norm. Later that day I get a call from my primary care physician saying that she saw the ultrasound results and she thought that we should talk more about the gallstones, but they shouldn’t be causing my issues. A few more days go by of me thinking ‘what’s the point of it all…’ and I get another call from my primary care physician. She tells me she consulted a surgeon she trusted about my ultrasound and she wanted me to consult with him too. My stomach dropped and I immediately started frantically Googling everything I could about it since being referred to a surgeon surely meant surgery. Turns out I am an online hypochondriac and a health doomsday prepper.

Long story short, I hit rock bottom before the surgery – I stopped working out and I was so depressed about what my diet would be afterward. Surgery was hard because I had to have a pretty large incision (to get the large stones out) and I’m a big sissy. Just kidding, I think I did pretty darn good recovering from it. I was able to turn to a normal diet almost immediately after surgery and went a little overboard since I hadn’t had cheese for about 2 years!! I was still pretty depressed about not being able to sit up or bend or anything so it took me a while to get back ‘with it’ and start going back to the gym again. I was going to the gym and felt like everyone knew about my struggles and my insecurities – like they could see right through me. I knew that I had to do something different this time because the usual wasn’t working for me. I mean the ‘usual’ didn’t really work that great for me before but whatever.

I put myself out there and met someone on Instagram and started working out at home (I use the treadmill at the gym since it’s so hot to run outside). My program came with a powder magical tonic mixture (Shakeology – it’s so much more than a protein powder!) I first started doing the workouts on demand with yoga and then my Shakeology came in the mail. I had been taking a multivitamin and a probiotic with little help. But doing the workouts and drinking my Shakeology has helped me to absorb the vitamins and nutrition that my body wasn’t able to absorb so much better that my energy levels have increased and is level all day! I am also learning what nutrition for me means. I need to recreate my food Pinterest board! I get to use those funny little containers that help you learn how to portion. It’s pretty funny how I didn’t realize my diet wasn’t where it was supposed to be. I thought I had healthy eating habits – when really I was kind of just eating healthy things as well as not.

I am looking forward to the accountability groups with these supportive and positive women. This is the new journey that I’m so excited to be a part of and I know this is the right way for me to get to where I want to be. My goals are to get lean and strong and to run a half marathon again (and to beat my last time).

If anyone is interested in taking advantage of this awesomeness with me, just let me know.

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