Race Recap: Hapalua Half Marathon

The Hapalua, Hawaii’s Half Marathon! 13.1 miles. This was a really well put together race. There was a free shuttle from the parking area at Kapiolani Community College to the start as most of the roads were blocked off and all traffic was rerouted. The porta potties were plentiful – and lines were pretty short. I had been more distance training for this race as opposed to working on my speed. I am listening to my body and avoiding injuries. I had my prep all done the night before and was ready to get dropped off at the shuttle by 4:30am. The weather was hot and muggy on race day but not that much vog had rolled in yet.


The wait for the start was, as it always is, nerve-wracking and I mean I was in the heart of Waikiki taking pictures of the Duke statue while I warmed up on the beach! The moon was full and beautifully hanging over the ocean, my pictures couldn’t do it justice.

The course was marked well and there was enough room for all racers on the road. The water stations were spaced out with the perfect distance between too.

The last four miles of the race is around Diamond Head Crater and is a large gradual hill that just doesn’t quit! I was very proud of myself for running most of the time even with that darn hill! The finish line was a party in itself – you cross the finish and get your finisher’s medal and head straight in to get your shave-ice, malasadas (freshly prepared on site!), and Lanikai juice. Oh and of course, the banana. I took my sweaty, sugar-covered self across the street and ran into the ocean. I will definitely be pre-registering for next year’s Hapalua!


Rest day with my homie


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