Carb Cycling & Eating Right

This is a plan that I have come up with from studying different theories for carb cycling and sample menus. I have always run into troubles with plans and eating right because I have to be gluten and dairy free. There are so many plans out there, but none really take into account us intolerant souls.

Some rules to keep in mind:

carbs from grains will disrupt your blood sugar levels and give you a crash mid morning if having for breakfast. low carb days can still intake carbs, just keep carbs to clean foods and to a minimum on low days. high carb days can be made of all clean carbs. of course, no junk carbs.

Happy mindful eating!

Low Carb Days High Carb Days
eggs, turkey burger, strawberries eggs, oatmeal, berries
chicken breast, oatmeal chicken breast, oatmeal, banana
2 scoops protein powder and coconut milk protein powder, coconut milk, berries
chicken breast, salad, olive oil & vinegar Chicken breast, brown rice, green beans
chicken breast, green beans chicken breast, baked potato, mixed greens, oil & vinegar
turkey burger, veggie omelet turkey burger, egg whites, apple
protein powder, coconut milk, cocoa powder rice cake, nut butter
oatmeal, veggie omelet ground turkey, sweet potato, asparagus
1 can tuna packed in water and 1/2 avocado w/lime juice and salt sweet potato, blueberries, cocoa nibs, almond butter, sliced almonds
gluten free bread, deli turkey, mustard, lettuce, tomato  
hard boiled eggs
poached eggs, brown rice, zucchini, bell pepper

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