Aftermath of the Bad Day…

We all have them, the bad day, the bad run, the one that makes us question our entire life and every decision we’ve ever made up until this point. The run that leaves us with an altered mindset, but how can people brush these off and move on to the next one so easily? This is one of my problems in my fitness routine where I’m seeing progress, then one day – boom. I suck. This run, especially if it is a race, will really affect me – generally I feel like I wasted the day, the time, and not enough energy on this activity I choose to do. The way that I overcome a poor progress workout is usually getting upset and doing pushups, planks, and squats until my body quits. Then I lay on my yoga mat with my yoga buddy and get up and shower. The next day is a rest day both physically and mentally. I drink lots of water and plan out my next run.

This makes me feel better, like I haven’t wasted any time away from my family that could have been better used on something more productive. I have read before that bad days just happen, that you did the workout so you should stick to training and just move on to tomorrow. I have also read that you can compensate and treat your body with yoga or other stretching. I will try to change my behavior because I throw myself off my training regimen when I do my usual because my body is sore the next day and more tired from being tired already. Next time I’ll be ready to beat the dreaded bad day and take care of myself so there will be no more bad days!

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