Hawaiian Hikes: Olomana

Being active is an easy thing to do here on Oahu! The hikes, views, and waterfalls are plentiful and all so beautiful. We went on the Olomana Trail which is rated as a difficult hike, it involves rocky root terrain, climbing, balance, and 3 peaks. Being a moderately skilled hiker and a novice balancer, we opted to hike to only the first peak. The hike to the first peak is about 1.5 miles at a pretty steady 60 degrees incline.

Each peak has a name 1: Olomana 2: Paku’i 3: Ahiki. These peaks are the erosional remnant from within the caldera of the Ko’olau volcano, thanks Wikipedia.


This was such a good hike! The parking was fine, the walk to the trailhead was beautiful in itself – you walk along the golf course on a paved road where the other side is thick jungle. The way to the first peak was mostly covered until the top of the ridge.

What to pack:

rain coat (just in case)


snacks (my fave are Kind bars – almond coconut)

water bottle is a must!

backpack (love my Lululemon Run All Day Pack)

I hiked in my Nike running shoes and they were pretty good


The views from the first peak were amazing! I couldn’t stop snapping pictures. It made it sort of awkward for everyone at the top to be in all of my pics, but its’s a pretty narrow space so I think they all understood.

This was scary as the drop we had to climb up the rope and the drop on either side was pretty spectacular. Once you get to the top, you’re standing on a narrow ridge. This one goes down in the record books for sure and we will definitely be doing this one again!

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