I am from the desert in California. I spent half my life in the desert and the other half in the mountains of Montana. I found myself, not so long ago, feeling trapped, anxious, and unhappy with my life. After making some hard decisions and getting out of a bad situation, I realized I was trying to make the best of the situations in which I was a part of and tried to ground myself where I was, but I could never see myself getting over my overwhelming feeling of not belonging. No matter how much money, no matter my material possessions, I was not happy because of geography. Other things went along with that feeling of course, like high school and bad relationships being in my small town.

So one day I pulled myself together enough to put together a polished resume. I started from scratch which just seemed like the right thing to do in order to feel confidence in my professional self again. Then I Googled “Hospitals Hawaii.”

Well, fast forward, and here I am with my dream job and boyfriend living in a place that makes me happy. I mean – sure, work and life just seem to build up and gets the better me sometimes, just as those responsibilities would follow anyone anywhere, but I still get more chances to do the things I love more often. I don’t feel out of place or trapped anymore.


I moved 3000 miles away from my family and everything I’ve known with 4 suitcases and a plan. With all the positive in my life, I find myself out of shape! Being in shape is so important to me mainly because of all the health issues so many people experience, whether it be family or friends. I have a history where I’ve battled depression and anxiety and I know how hard that is under the best circumstances. I feel like I need to work harder to be the best version of myself I can get. Things in life are just more difficult if you’re not fit and you don’t feel good about yourself in the first place.


I only hope I can inspire someone to laugh either at me or at themselves because life is short, so laugh.


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